February 11, 2013

2012 Year In Review - Part 1

I have procrastinated on this post long enough.  I could say that I wanted to wait so this didn't fall into the abyss of the million other year in review posts on the internet which, although this is the case, would be a white lie.    Each year instead of setting resolutions I have lately been setting personal goals for myself, so I thought I would include how I fared at these as we move through this review So without further adiea here it goes... 

On the Personal Front 

My first goal for 2012 is actually a goal that I don't have much control over but it is still a good goal to list; Stay Cancer Free.   Well 2012 saw me successfully make it to my 2 year anniversary of my Bone Marrow Transplant.  With all the hazards along the journey I am very thankful to still be still breathing.  And thankfully with each passing transplant anniversary the chance of relapse drops.

Last January was a pretty tough month to start the year.  Although our trip to Aruba was amazing it had reminded me that I was still recovering.  In addition, I was undergoing quite an aggressive taper on my steroids which is always very tough to go through.  No to worry I made it through the valley without any real harm and it inspired me to set my next goal for the year;

Recover enough to return to work.

This is was a 50/50 goal for me.  Obviously I couldn't control the physical recovery of my new immune system adapting to my body, but I could control my physical strength.  So I started working on energy levels and strength to be able to make it through an entire day.   

I used photography walks in the early months to begin getting out and building up some strength. 

As time progessed I started climbing the stairs along the escarpment with my camera to start building my strength even more.  I would do this a few days a week and then go to the pool a couple other times to swim lengths.

As the nice weather came I hit the path along the beach for some rollerblading.  My first time out I went a little farther than I should have and when I turned around realized I didn't have much energy left (especially since a gale force head wind had whipped up).  I ended up having to stop and take a break at a bench every 200-400m but I eventually made it home.  From here forward my rollerblading adventures were much better and successful.

I got the news in May that I would be returning to work.  Thankfully all the hard work paid off at the beginning of the year building up my strength and I was physically ready to return to work.

Before returning to work though Amy and I had a vacation planned to Nashville for the Country Music Festival.  The trip was an extremely fun time despite some health setbacks I had while awhile.

Little did I know that as I was preparing to return to work my GVHD wanted to make it a little tougher and did a pretty aggressive flare up.  This caused me to be unable to talk without going through extreme pain (not ideal for your first week back to work :) )  In addition, I wasn't able to eat solid food for a month while I waited for the flare-up in my mouth to settle down.  

Thankfully it settled down in time for my 30th birthday which saw a return to golfing.  Also, I had my first Coors Light since 2009!

August was also a first since 2009 with Amy and I returning to New Brunswick.  It was such a fun filled trip that we didn't want to end.

We finished the year off celebrating our anniversary in Bahamas.  This was a 50 percent awesome trip and 50 percent nightmare trip but I won't get into the details on it.  The glass half full side was a least we got lots of rest :)

There was a personal goal that I didn't get through to 100% completion this year;
Complete my book

I have mentioned my book in passing once or twice here on the blog but over the past year and a half I have been working on a book.  In 2012 I had wanted to finish my book.  The book is completely written and been through its editing twice by my editor, the amazing Stephanie Contardo.  In addition, the final design of the book's cover is finished.  Now I just have to do some final tweaks (footnoting) and then publish it.
2013 I will be finalizing and publishing this book so stay tuned!!  I will be doing a post dedicated to the book soon.

Well the length of this post is dragging on so I have decided to break the post up into two parts. 

All the best,

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  1. I'm rooting for you Aaron, and I wish you all the success in the world with your book.