October 22, 2012

Don't Believe the Myth - The Camera Does Matter

We often hear the saying that the camera doesn't matter.  I don't entirely agree with this.

I do agree with the concept that a camera does not make you a better photographer and that a great photographer can turn out remarkable images with very basic equipment. We only have to look at Magnum photographers who used simple point and shoot cameras to make some of the most powerful images the world has seen, and in the process winning multiple awards.

But if a camera isn't important why are we all so drawn to discussions of gear.

I myself am no saint, I frequent many blogs that are completely gear focused and I have owned more cameras than I care to count.
I did not go through all these cameras because I am some crazy person that has some dillusional idea that I needed a camera to make me better. In fact I have some photo series that have spanned multiple cameras that you would not be able to tell which photo came from which camera,

I have used all these cameras because I have been on a mission to find the tool that I love the best.
Although I don't feel that a camera will make better photos. I do think it will make you a better photographer having the right camera.

Like any tool it should be something that makes practicing your craft easier to do. It should be an enabler of greatness.

The camera should inspire.

It should inspire you to always grab for your camera, even if to only take photos of your cat.

Many street photographers are ashamed of the sound of their shutter. They want it to be as quiet as  possible so people don't notice it going off.

But when you are inspired by your camera, you love your shutter sound. You long to hear its magical click where you know that moment is frozen forever.

Above all you should miss your camera. When you have been away from it you should feel a deep longing within to be reunited if only to hear that magical click once again.

A photographer only gets better by practicing. And taking photos is an enormous part of this practice,

So will a camera make better photos?

One hindered percent no,

But a camera that inspires you to always use will make you a better photographer.

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