May 27, 2011

I Fell in Love Again....

Don't worry Amy and Dora are still my first loves.  This falling in love has to do with my photography.  As you may know the past couple of weeks, especially last week I was feeling a little mentally down and uninspired.  This translated directly into my photography draining any interest I had in taking pictures.  It was the cause of the demise of my Project 365 as I previously wrote about and just generally gave me no interest in picking up my camera. 
Well all that changed last Friday.  I was downtown Toronto for my regular checkup and even though I was feeling uninspired photographically I brought my camera to try out a new lens (a 35mm prime) and just generally to kill some time in between appointments.  I went out on the street after I gave my blood first thing and just fell in love with it.  It was so much different than street shooting in Port Credit. 

Bike Rental

First, the was enough noise from the traffic that it covered up my shutter sound and I could get much closer with my wider lens.  Second, there were just so many more people and stories to photograph.  It was like sensory overload.  I ended up shooting over 450 photos on Friday in three different sessions and fully intend to make a habit of this.  I can now understand what all the street shooters of the big cities around the world love about it.  While shooting I tried a few different techniques (you always have to practicing and learning) so I didn't get a number of shots that I would have liked but in the end I got a bunch of "useable" shots. 
It took a little bit to sort through and rank but here are my favorites from the day.  Hope you enjoy!

I really like this picture but can't explain why

Weight of the World Smoke Break

Looking Opposite

Taking it in

Break Time

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